Independent Business Membership

It's been a crazy week for me setting up the website & getting my studio ready for Somerset open studios starting on the 15th. Thank you to everyone who has become involved in the directory in the first few days. So, if you haven't checked out the website here's the link  I feel that many small businesses working together as one is much more powerful than a big business paying left, right and centre for search engine positions & social media adds. We already have an audience that follows us, With every post we make we find more, so if- ...Read More

Hey there, how's business? Struggling to get customers to find you? I've been working on this idea for a few months. I need some help from other creatives, makers & online shops. Thank you to the 50 Independent Businesses that are trialling  & feedback to me how you feel about my new website. The idea behind is that independent businesses need somewhere people can find them easily. They can search the site for by category eg; clothing, accessories, original art. Or they can search by region/country or even by what they want eg; wedding gift, colourful paintings. I feel it's- ...Read More