This Week @Emily Duchscherer Kirk Art

Good Afternoon Ladies and gents,

Just a quick update on what’s going on this week and a sneak peak into this month.

Can you believe it’s February already?


In the Studio

So this week I’m working on two small abstracts with a bit more of a natural colour palette, except GOLD, yes my gold obsession continues this month. I think it just brings a bit of extra specialness, if that’s really a word.

The other two paintings small paintings I’m hoping to complete in the next week are flowers in a vase canvases based on a still life I create back in December.

I love making these more figurative work as a refreshing change to my abstracts and as Mother’s day is around the corner, I think they are perfect as a gorgeous gift for all those mums who deserve a special gift this year well every year of course.

Making these organic looking acrylic paintings are completely and totally my favourite thing at the moment, I’m going to be working on perfecting these all year in between commissioned pieces and my larger works.



On Saturday I will be venturing to good old Bristol as I am exhibiting at Gallery Du 808 for two weeks, well maybe longer we will see how it goes. The thing that attracted me to this gallery is that it is especially for emerging artists which is great to see.

So fingers crossed I will have a bit of success and stay in there a few more weeks, It would be great to be displaying my work in the city for a while, I’m a bit excited I must admit.

I’m planning on exhibiting in London as well this year too.



Okay so I was supposed to be starting my vlog journal a few weeks back and I think the reason it hasn’t happened yet is that I’m a bit rubbish with words and explaining things in speech. That’s after all why I express myself through art.

But I’m going to give it go on IGTV and my tube channel to see how it goes, I feel documenting a journal is for me and if I just keep thinking of it in this regard then it possibly might be interesting to others.


Well let’s hope so,

Speak soon,