emily duchscherer kirk artist yeovil somerset england

In May 2017 after 8 years in retail management, I decided it was finally time to pursue my passion in life PAINTING.
After finishing college back on 2004 my intention was to go university to complete a BA Hons in Fine Art but sometimes other things get in the way of what we love.
So I ended up getting a job in retail and painting in my spare time after management training & receiving a salary I found myself in a place that I didn’t like, I was stuck as I was paying for a mortgage on my own.
I started saving money in 2013, I also met my wonderful husband at this time.

He believed in me & told me that I could do anything that I wanted, he gave me the courage I needed to go for it.
So I’m 18 months into my full time career making art the way I wanted to for so long, it’s tough but the best decision I ever made.

My art is expressionistic, I use raw deep emotion from memories, thoughts & feelings from the past and present.
I find it very therapeutic too, letting out deep emotion & trying to understand why we feel this way is how we stay true to who we are. After being diagnosed with a severe aniexty condition in 2015 after years of suffering and blocking my true feelings I came to realise this. I guess it’s sad that a lot of the time it takes a traumatic event in our lives to step back and take a look at ourselves.I use experimental techniques using mediums, mark making equipment, brushes,palette knives & acrylic paints and inks on canvas for most of my work.

What do you love most about creating your artwork?
Being able to express myself to the world.

How did your journey with art begin?
From a very young age I’ve loved art (the rest is explained above)

What is your biggest influence and why?
Human emotions and reaction, it’s fascinating.
I love the game changers, the brave artists that have gone again the grain and evolved the way we perceive art. Matisse is a huge influence especially fauvist works and also Franz Marc, Kandinsky german expressionism.

Do you have a specific creative process or do you just dive in?
If my work is on a specific subject I complete a series of concepts & research before painting.
However I also do rapid in the moment painting to try and capture my emotions, realise & translate them onto the canvas.

How long do you spend on one piece?
Two hours to a month. Depending to the concept of the piece.

How do you know when it is finished?
I feel no artist can ever answer this. I guess when I feel it’s finished, this can change many times though.

How has your artwork changed and developed over time?
From illustration to painting abstract and landscape works, the use of colour has become very vibrant reflecting the emotion in my work.

In relation to your creative outlet what experience(s) have been most valuable?
I think just trying lots of different ways to promote your art & taking a few courses. Going full time in an art career with no help or mentorship is scary but tests just how much you are willing to make a success out of it. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

What do you find most challenging about being a creative and how do you overcome it?
I think the working alone thing is the worst no interaction with others can sometimes be the worst thing about being self employed. Using social media support from other helps a lot but also joining local creative groups, making sure you are still interacting with people on a daily basis. Going to get a coffee, having a walk etc.

What other advice or tips would you give to artists pursuing their creative dreams?
I can’t give a lot of advice as I still learning a lot everyday but here’s a few things I wish I new 18 months ago.
Don’t think one source of promotion will lead to your success. Email galleries and shops daily, Find connections via social media & by asking other artists/makers, find a mentor that can help you find the right path and finally but 100%  sure this is what you want to do and focus on a daily, monthly and yearly goals and plans to succeed.




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