I have been curiously exploring many options throughout the past three years to enable me to express what I want to say to the world through my art.

i have explored colour and impasto textures using mixed mediums on hundreds of canvases with various techniques.

Mixing polymers, combining mediums, manipulating paints whilst testing tools for extensive formulas – like a mad art scientist!

I have documented all the successful results from these 150 weeks of experimental work to carry forward into my practice; constructing and establishing my unique structures on canvas. Many of my experiments are available on my Wall Art by Em online shop:


I am now beginning my journey to make inspirational work that uplifts the soul, whilst also asking many questions about humanity and our fascinating, extraordinary home – planet Earth.

Experimental work 78 of #200experiments2020 was completed in April 2020.

I am also creating a Vlog which will be featured on YouTube & Instagram alongside a Blog post here on www.emilyduchschererkirk.com that will be looking at sustainable living and saving money all whilst making your home eco friendly; I’ll share lots of fact checked resources, and tested methods you can use to make it really easy to implement. Using research along with changes I have made in my home & have found to make a positive impact over the past few years.

I am passionate about making sure I contribute as much as possible to help create a balanced world for everybody who live in it, personally & professionally I have been making small but significant changes to support the world I wish my generation and for all those going forward.

If we all do a little, it will lead to magnificent change.

It’s so important to realise change will help balance the planets eco system but also make the world a fairer place. Less children without all the basics that we take for granted like food, clean water, a safe home & education.

One class, one race, everyone equal with equal opportunities.

That’s the world I want to live in.

How about you?