Dawning Of Autumn In Somerset


Created with environmentally friendly, water based paints which show hints of a glossy sheen this circular artwork is finished a satin varnish that gives a three dimensional affect.

This round textured abstract painting is made on a cotton canvas measuring 60 centimetres in diameter which is approximately 24 Inches.

Dawning Of Autumn in Somerset was completed in my home studio located in Somerset.

Hooks and string are attached to the canvas and it is also signed and dated for proof of authenticity.


Eco Friendly painting Collection 2021

A range of bright and pastel colours have been used to create natural shapes to portray a sense movement.

I make my compostable, plastic free, environmentally friendly water based paints by mixing non toxic pigments to create a unique colour palette.

This textured abstract contemporary artwork is inspired by the elements and the countryside of South Somerset and Dorset.

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions24 × 0.5 × 24 in

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