Art Inspiration @wallartbyemily by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

My Art Inspiration for this week... Welcome to my art blog, Here's what is happening this week....   Creating on Paper So at the weekend I bought some great quality paper to do some abstracts on, I realise that everyone doesn't want a canvas but would rather have a flat piece to frame, I will be creating six to load to the shop this weekend, Also I will do any commissions you would like in this format. It has been very different to work on, However I've had some amazing results so far.   Pebeo Studio Acrylics I've been trying- ...Read More

My Inspiration this Week @wallartbyemily by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

My Inspiration @wallartbyemily Good Morning, I hope you've all had a great week so far, It's Monday and the start of a new week, Hope you have had a good morning. So today I want to talk about my Inspiration for this week, and my next big project.   PassionColorJoy Yes, I know I've spelt colour wrong, right? However the artist group I have joined on to with this challenge is called Passion Color Joy, It was created by an American artist named Amira Rahim. Last week was a truly Inspiring and fantastic, I feel so energized to push my- ...Read More
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My Art week @wallartbyemily by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

My Art Week @wallartbyemily. Happy Monday everyone, it's the start of a new week. Welcome to my art blog, I hope you've all had a great weekend!   Today's Post is about what I'm planning to do this week.   So last week I searched for new inspiration to create some new ideas, Looking at some beautiful landscapes photographed by several local photographers, I decided to create some compositions and techniques to paint some landscapes. I then continued to finish three mini landscapes using the ideas from my research. Using all three of these minis I am now in the- ...Read More

My Art Inspiration by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

  My Art Inspiration by Emily Duchscherer Kirk So I thought I'd fill you in today on my progress this week, I've been looking for new inspiration. I decided to look into landscape compositions. Adapting many techniques I've used in the past to create some fab new paintings.   [caption id="attachment_1881" align="alignright" width="573"] Art Inspiration landscapes[/caption] Living in the Countryside So living in Somerset I've always used nature as an inspiration in many paintings. There's some amazing talent in the south west of England. I came across some beautiful photographs from various Somerset based photographers. Sometimes looking at the- ...Read More

My Week so far by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

My Week so far Good Morning all, I hope you are having a great week, It's been miserable weather, But spring will soon be appearing.   Today's post is about what I've been working on this week. If you read my blog at the weekend you will know I have been challenged with a lack of ideas for new and exciting artworks. So I have been doing a lot of research in my quest to come up with some new paintings. I found some beautiful photos from some local photographers. So have decided to go back to some landscape- ...Read More

My Art Week @wallartbyemily by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

My Art Week @wallartbyemily. Good Evening and welcome to my art blog. I hope you've all had a great weekend! So this evenings post is all about Artists Block, Like writers block for Artists....   Sometimes you have to find your Inspiration as a artist, it doesn't always come naturally. It's not always easy either. Also sometimes like in any job you have VERY bad weeks. You know we all have them, When you think things can only get better. Right???? Where I Find My Inspiration to start a new painting. So there isn't always a a specific source for- ...Read More

My week So Far @wallartbyemily by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

My week So Far @wallartbyemily by Emily Duchscherer Kirk Hope you all are having a great friday! So only a week to go till Christmas, yes, only one week till we all have a long break from work. Also to celebrate my first Christmas as a full time artist and the great support I've had this year, I'm running some awesome competitions on social media. This week there was three prizes given away including a mounted print. I'm giving away an original painting to one lucky winner!   Maybe you'd love to be in for a chance to win? So if- ...Read More

My art week @wallartbyemily by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

My art week @Wallartbyemily by Emily Duchscherer Kirk Good morning everyone welcome to my art blog, I hope you are all having a good start to the week. If not just think it's Christmas in two weeks! Time to eat, drink and be merry. I've been coughing, dealing with a sore throat and feverish for a few weeks now and looking after my little man with the same cold. I haven't been in the studio at all for 3 weeks and have missed it so much! I've attended weekend events and my technical IT guru (hubby) and I have been- ...Read More

My Art Inspiration for the week ahead by EmilyDuchschererKirkArt.

My Art Inspiration for the week ahead by Emily Duchscherer Kirk/wallartbyemily. This week: 23/10/17 Hello, So Mondays at is all about Inspiration. The start of a new week must bring a muse and I'd like to talk a bit about mine. At college I was drawn to many different styles in art however the movement of Surrealism has always been fascinating. Salvador Dali (My Artist of the week, Wednesday's blog) is very influential and inspires many of my works, he's always been one of my heroes. So I've got a lot planned in this week, I have been commissioned- ...Read More

Artist spotlight by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

Artist Spotlight by EmilyDuchschererKirk As promised my first artist spotlight is about the wonderful Henri Matisse and how his art inspires me. I will feature an artist every week, ranging all the way from classic masters up to many current and up and coming artists. Henri Matisse, born 31/12/1869 was from a poor family in France in a small town called Le cateau-cambresis. He began painting at 20 when his mother bought him his first paints whilst he was bed ridden. She encouraged him to paint with his emotions rather than using the rules that traditional  artists would use to- ...Read More