In the Art studio this week by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

What's happening in the Art Studio this week... Good Morning and welcome to my art blog, It's Monday and the start of a sunny (here in Somerset) new week, Today I will be talking about my goals for the week ahead..   Living up to the challenge So, this week I'm going to go to work on the goals I set for last week, My challenge was to get 300 more followers on Social Media by Midnight on Sunday, In reality I achieved 60, Yeah it's okay but not what I was looking for. This is going to be my- ...Read More
music Joyful by emily duchscherer kirk

How Music Inspires Art by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

Music Inspiring me this week... Welcome to my art blog, Today I'm going to talk about music, It's my second love, So, I use music as a tool to create my artwork....   Why does music inspire my art? So, if you read my blogs you'll Know a bit about me already, I am an expressionist and use my my emotions and thoughts to create my paintings, I feel music helps channel these emotions, because I just pick a specific genre of music that matches my feelings.... That's why if you watch my live videos on Instagram.. You will hear- ...Read More
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What I’m working on this week by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

What I'm working on this week... Hey Lovely People, Hope your long weekend has been great! So, today I thought I'd talk about what I'm planning in this week.   Photography Challenge So, I'm joining in on a fun little project this month on Instagram.. The challenge is being run by Danni a lovely lady I've known since primary school. She runs her own photography business here in Somerset, She specialises in Family and birth photography. Check out her website here Anyone can join in and it's all for fun. It's come at the right time for me as I'm- ...Read More
Electric Raw Abstract painting

My Plans for this week @wallartbyemily

My week @wallartbyemily Welcome to my art blog, Today I'll be talking about my plans for this week, I hope you've all had a great weekend,   I always feel Mondays are a drag, But I also see them as a fresh week to explore my creative side. [caption id="attachment_2101" align="alignright" width="211"] Soul raw abstract painting[/caption] My Six Painting Challenge On Friday I started a challenge to motivate myself in to using impulsive ideas to create six large paintings in a week, Ok, this maybe slightly crazy but the idea is but this is a different way of working for- ...Read More
Why I became an artist

About My Artist’s Journey @wallartbyemily by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

 About My Art Journey @wallartbyemily Hello and Welcome to my artist Blog, Today I'll be talking about my background, and why I decided to be an artist. Why I became an Artist I have had a passion for art from a very young age, I started creating art through mixed media and collage when I was 15. I went to art and design college in my home town, When I was 18 I decided to get a full time job and save up to attend a great university and complete a degree in Fine Art. That full time job became- ...Read More

All about my art by Emily Duchscherer Kirk @wallartbyemily.

All About My Art by Emily Duchscherer Kirk Welcome to my blog, So today's blog is all about my art and the processes I use to create it,   About My Art So, if you have seen my paintings you will know there is many styles I create. I try and group these by various categories on my site so it's easier to navigate. Although most of my pieces are inspired by nature, I use my Raw Abstract or expressionist paintings to express my emotions.   How My Ideas translate into Art I try out new ideas and compositions on to- ...Read More