Abstract Giclée Art Prints

by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

Capturing photography my artwork is the most important part of the process I need to adhere to every time I want to share a new painting with the world. It has become joyfully obsessive act to images to record the true colour and structure of my paintings.

I have archived thousands of intriguing photographs over the last few years and have always contemplated on how to give them their own lease of life.

After much deliberation I chose to explore digital manipulation to evolve the concept of constructing these images into their own unique style of artwork in a brand new medium.

As the pandemic took hold and staying at home during the first UK lockdown commenced, experimentation also became a therapeutic release for me.

Wall Art by Emily was actually my first handle back in 2017 when I became self employed so I naturally decided to establish it for my design work.

Built with love, passion & creativity I warned this new media of artworks consisting of paper art prints and fabric pattern design to have their own stage and voice so you can find them on their own stage

I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I do creating them!

Thanks for reading about my work,

Emily Duchscherer Kirk.