art & me, The story so far….

Organic form has always seemed so beautiful to me, the way flora matures from seeds to plant life, trees, vegetables, fruit & flowers. They develop and evolve to their surroundings & habitat.

I feel much of my passion for the natural world stems from growing up in rural Somerset, a county in Southern England. Britain has diverse native landscapes that are enticing to observe, however South Somerset will always be an enormous influence on my work.

The structure and texture of organic life is what excites me most of all, during the last three years I have been exploring hundreds of techniques using different mediums and tools to create a truly unique Impasto style that shares these organic details to share how magnificent our planet is.

My aim is to remind us all of how incredibly miraculous plant life is to build a deeper respect for it to preserve our natural landscapes for future generations.

I feel sharing the allure of flora in my work will bring thoughts to those who view my work, I hope to make them think – how they can contribute in their lifetime to preserve our wonderful world.

I am also starting a blog here, and vlog on U Tube and Instagram where I will be sharing weekly suggestions from information where others can find useful information to make small change in their lives to restore environmental balance.

The Studio

2021 is planned to be a year of focus, events will be few and far between. So new collections that will focus on the plant life on our extraordinary planet.

My Kaleidoscope Collection – Uplifting, expressionist, abstract, sculpted paintings with organic inspired textures. Created in a rainbow colour palette because I feel we all need a little vibrant colour in the world. Three are already available here.

Wild UK Flora Collection – Ink drawings and expressive, impressionist paintings that explore and discuss preservation of the ancient woodlands, grasslands and meadows here in the UK.

New Print & fabric & wall art designs will also be released every month too!

My Studio currently is attached to the back of my home, its not ideal nonetheless has been found to be very useful as well as necessity over the past year during the pandemic.

“It is lines and colours put together so that they say something. For me that is the very basis of painting. The abstraction is often the most definite form for the intangible thing in myself that I can only clarify in paint..  

I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way , things I had no words for.” – Georgia O’Keeffe.

Kaleidoscope Collection created in January 2021 by Emily Duchscherer Kirk.