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In the Art Studio this week by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

What's happening in the Art Studio this week... Good Morning! It's Monday and the start of a new week, Today I will be talking about my challenges for the week ahead..   Push it..push the challenge   So, this week I'm going to go out all singing and dancing, My challenge is to get 300 more followers on Social Media by Midnight on Sunday, This will be across many platforms.. But I'm gonna do it.. Great photos, Awesome art and amazing interaction. I'm gonna complete ten new paintings this week... Yep, it will be more but ten awesome paintings.  - ...Read More
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Good Vibes by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

Good Vibes for this week Good Morning, Yay! It's Friday, The sun is shining here in Somerset, Spring is finally around the corner.   Because I'm Happpy.... I'm happy to say I sold one of my favourite paintings yesterday, So as you may already tell, I'm on a high. I've been so productive this week, I don't give myself praise very often but this week I've really pushed myself to think outside the box. I've also started my beginners guide to Art Collecting in which you can find on yesterday's post below this one.   Work in the Studio this- ...Read More
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What I’m working on this week by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

What I'm working on this week... Hey Lovely People, Hope your long weekend has been great! So, today I thought I'd talk about what I'm planning in this week.   Photography Challenge So, I'm joining in on a fun little project this month on Instagram.. The challenge is being run by Danni a lovely lady I've known since primary school. She runs her own photography business here in Somerset, She specialises in Family and birth photography. Check out her website here Anyone can join in and it's all for fun. It's come at the right time for me as I'm- ...Read More
Velvet Deep, 24 x 36",story Original Abstract

My Art Journey @wallartbyemily by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

My Art Story so far Welcome to my art blog and story, Today's post is going to be about my journey in the last year, The struggles, the wins and the art.   The Struggles when becoming you own boss So I think the main worries I have on a daily basis are, When am I going to sale my next painting? What can I do MORE of that isn't expensive to promote my work? Am I going in the right direction? Ok these are normal worries for any business but in the artworld you could sale 5 or more- ...Read More

My Week so Far @wallartbyemily by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

So Far this week.... Welcome to my art blog, Today I'll be talking about my plans for the rest of this week, It's snowing and cold today in the studio.   My Six Painting Challenge On Friday I started a challenge to motivate myself in to using impulsive ideas to create six large paintings in a week, Six months has pasted since I have used these skills to create this sort of work, But I remembering quickly, Like getting back on a bike after you haven't cycled for a while. So I'm only have two days left and I'm halfway- ...Read More

My Inspiration this Week @wallartbyemily by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

My Inspiration @wallartbyemily Good Morning, I hope you've all had a great week so far, It's Monday and the start of a new week, Hope you have had a good morning. So today I want to talk about my Inspiration for this week, and my next big project.   PassionColorJoy Yes, I know I've spelt colour wrong, right? However the artist group I have joined on to with this challenge is called Passion Color Joy, It was created by an American artist named Amira Rahim. Last week was a truly Inspiring and fantastic, I feel so energized to push my- ...Read More
Why I became an artist

About My Artist’s Journey @wallartbyemily by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

 About My Art Journey @wallartbyemily Hello and Welcome to my artist Blog, Today I'll be talking about my background, and why I decided to be an artist. Why I became an Artist I have had a passion for art from a very young age, I started creating art through mixed media and collage when I was 15. I went to art and design college in my home town, When I was 18 I decided to get a full time job and save up to attend a great university and complete a degree in Fine Art. That full time job became- ...Read More

My Week ahead @wallartbtemily by Emily Duchscherer Kirk

My Art Week @wallartbyemily. Welcome to my art blog, It's Monday the start of a new week! Here's what I'm up to over the next few days,     Insanely Inspired Instagram So I've joined a group this week, It's a 5 day challenge, This group consists 3,00o artists, From all over the world, We all are trying to make a career in the art world.   I have a work book to complete every day, Today I had the challenge of thinking about how I'm different to other artists, It's sometimes hard to think about yourself like that, So here- ...Read More

Live Auction Sunday 11th February @8pm

Live Auction this Sunday 11th February Hello, Welcome to my art blog, Today's post is a reminder to tune in on Sunday, for my live auction. I'm getting super excited for this challenge as well as slightly nervous. But I'm in the finally stages of planning so all should run smoothly. The auction will take place via Facebook @wallartbyemily and Instagram @wallartbyemily. This will be between 20:00 till 21:00 GMT. Here's what you need to know if interested. How it works on Facebook Starting at 20:00 I will start to post photos of my paintings, They will have a starting- ...Read More
cosmic purple

News for this Week, Live Auction this Sunday.

This Week @wallartbyemily.   So, I'm hosting a Live Auction of 26 paintings this Sunday 11th February, The auction will take place via Facebook @wallartbyemily and Instagram @wallartbyemily. This will be at 20:00 till 21:00 UTC. I've never done this before but it should all run smoothly, Planning is in motion. Here's what you need to know if interested. How it works on Facebook Starting at 20:00 I will start to post photos of my paintings, They will have a starting minimum price and Delivery price. All you have to do if you are interested in one is comment on- ...Read More